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Taylor Talks Too Much

Hey remember when we all thought Melissa’s secret had something to do with Sheriff Stilinski and how they had an affair and we all got so excited…


Arden Cho being perfect at the MTV movie awards

missing this face on my tv every Monday

It’s going to be so weird not seeing Allison and her amazing fashion sense on the show anymore


It’s not De-Void, it’s DiGiorno aka you can’t tell me this isn’t what the episode is about. [inspired by this]


hey guys, I just wanted to leave a message and let everyone know that I am going on vacation out of the country and will not have internet access for 12 days. The most important part of this message is that I will not be liveblogging the season finale for 3b I’m like so upset by this because liveblogging is my favorite thing to do, so this is just to inform you all of my absence ily all

But just imagine Erica and Boyd meeting Allison up in heaven and being like “We’re proud of you”

Im crying

The twins are alive but Allison isn’t

this used to be just a personal blog. Then teen wolf happened.

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